Housekeeping: Make new threads for new topics

There has been a lot of rapid activity in the community lately on a lot of really active threads, and that’s great! It can be exciting to see the post count grow on a powerful topic.

When the discussion is active like this, don’t hesitate to make a new post titled with a more specific topic so that the discussion can continue without distracting from the main post.

For new someone new to the thread, it can sometimes be confusing and difficult to follow long discussions if they are mostly replies between users.

As a general rule, if a series of replies between users are directed at each other as opposed to furthering the discussion of the main topic, that’s a good sign it’s time to make a new post.

Most specifically for our uses, when users are troubleshooting bugs with a game, or software, if the issue requires more than 2 or 3 replies it’s going to be best to move to a new topic. That way the troubleshooting can be focused on by more users without having to read the entire thread.

When making a sub-topic like this the best practice is to link between the threads, and provide a summary in the first post of the sub topic.

Don’t hesitate to go back and edit the header post. Remember this is what new users to the topic, specifically new users to the forum will read. So if there is a bug fix or known issues, be sure to go back and edit the first post.

It’s good to see this much activity, just need to organize it a bit for beginners.

Happy posting everyone!

p.s. Also worth mentioning we have a slack channel and if you have access to that between members, that’s a good option. If you don’t have access to the slack and would like it, feel free to pm me or even reply to this topic. Last but not least will be doing a user review to give access to the developers category and looking at forum moderators!


To start a new topic that branches from a given post and links to it, you should click on the time/date, at the top right of the post you wish to link from, then select: + New Topic

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From what I’ve read on discourse is you should also be able to split topics and move posts, depending on how high they are ranked in the food chain mods may also get the privs.

As users will we also be able to have some input on who we would like as mods?

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This is precisely one of the reasons why I brought up the issue of moderators a while back (on the new year 2018 thread).

Mods do indeed have that power (or can be given it) on discourse, I’ve seen it in action on other discourse sites, but on the Arduboy forums it’s hardly ever done. I’ll admit there are cases where a comment belongs in both topics so it wouldn’t make sense to move it, but there have been occasions where things have got entirely off track but nobody wants to continue in a new thread because half the context would be missing from the thread.

Splitting the thread and moving the old posts across retains the context and makes it easier to continue the conversation than trying to flick between two threads and quote people from a separate thread.

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I’ve created a topic so we can continue further discussion.

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