How are you making your sprites?

i was just wondering if there was any better thing than paint :slight_smile:

Paint is ok for the Arduboy.
You could also use Piskel, it’s an online tool.

I personally use Photoshop and sometimes Piskel.

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I use paint.

I’ve tried using GIMP and it works alright,
but I prefer paint for doing sprite art because it’s simpler and more pixel oriented.

I can’t afford Photoshop and I don’t like online editors if I can avoid them.

One alternative is, but I’ve never tried it personally.


Apparently only works on Windows (as does Paint obviously).

GIMP works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

You can also download an offline version of Piskel. The cool thing about Piskel is that it’s also usefull to work on animations. is really cool. I have not search if it was possible to works on animations with it but very useful, with layers, transparency habilities, asw… I use it for all, mainly fo colored pictures but you can use palettes, black and white, have many tabs… A real good tool.

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It’ll still be running in JavaScript though.
As a general rule I try to avoid programs written with JavaScript because I think it’s a horrible language.

GIMP can do that too.
(Though admitedly it doesn’t preview them. There might be a plugin for that though.)

It has image layers and if you save the image as a .gif then each layer will be a frame of the animation.

One of the other reasons I like GIMP is because you can write scripts for it if there’s an operation you want that isn’t built in.
E.g. kernel convolution

I’ve only dabbled in it though.

GIMP also supports all these things.

Yes, GIMP is very good too. I have just my habits with as it’s make the job :wink:

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