How do I hook up this oled

Hi I’ve bought this oled

And I checked the specs it’s all right but I don’t know how to hook it up

And yes I’ve tried the traditional way of
Vcc to vcc
Gnd to Gnd
Res to 3
Cs to 4
Dc to 6
D0 to 15
D1 to 16
and it doesnt work

What are you doing that “doesn’t work”? The wiring you listed isn’t right for the Arduboy library. Maybe provide a link to the item description rather than just a picture, so we have some idea of what it is beyond a 6-pin OLED.

It would be easier to help you figure out what is wrong if you would be more specific.Like sharing the link from where you bought the display and to which Arduino are you’re trying to hook it up as there are pin differences. Also have you uploaded an Arduboy sketch of did you try some general Arduino sketch?

I asume that by ‘it doesn’t work’ you mean that the display remains all black.

Your display uses a little different labeling but D0 is SCK and D1 is SDA(MOSI) so that’s not a problem. But your wiring seems off. The Arduboy display wiring is different and should be (asuming you’re using a Arduino Micro)

Arduino Micro wiring:

  • CS to Pin 12 (PORTD6)
  • DC to Pin 4 (PORTD4)
  • RST to Pin 6 (PORTD7)
  • D0 (SCK) to SCK (PORTB1)
  • D1 (SDA) to MOSI (PORTB2)
  • Vcc to 5V (or 3.3V if it doesn’t support 5V)
  • GND to GND

If you do see something on the display but it seems to flash/scroll only on some of display lines then the display most likely uses a SH1106 controller instead of the SSD1306 controller. In that case I recommend installing my Arduboy variants package. You can select an Arduboy variant with Sh1106 OLED display support using that.


Thanks I got it working

Are you making an Arduboy clone?

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Mabye…Mabye not… It’s all a blur really

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