How do I lower the volume?

Is there a volume controller somewhere on the Dev kits?

No. Volume/ mute will need to be controlled through software, such as a ‘Sound’ setting.

My girlfriend complains about this all the time ;D

It’s in software, we encourage all developers to have a sound setting in the menu.

Probably a good idea for us to change the Araknoid game to actually have this X_X oops! :wink:

Is there a game that has been published, which has a github, that can be referenced here for a quick HOWTO? Sound.cpp Didn’t offer too much in the github for Arduboy itself. Perhaps this is worthy of an issue being opened in the github repository for a feature addition?

In order to avoid “re-inventing the wheel” and other general chaos, I think an official comprehensive audio library API should be defined (and implemented) as soon as possible. This would include reserving an area in EEPROM to store the current audio state (at least mute), so that it would be maintained over power cycles and when different games were loaded.

I think it would be appropriate to continue this discussion in the Music library brainstorm topic.


shadow runner uses sound off - on with the EEPROM support like it has been put into the Arduboy library so it is already in there and all our games use it and Shadow Runner is on github

You can also put a peice of tape over the speaker. :slight_smile: