How do we feel about a banner topic?

(Ross) #1

It is possible to promote users threads globally on the page. It may be fun to feature some of the more interesting topics this way after the product is launched. Any thoughts on this? Is it too obtrusive? Could it be used to entice users to format their posts as pretty as they can get? ; ) Anyway just trying it out, let us know if you have any thoughts, thanks!


Feels a bit much imo. =/

(Blake) #3

Yeah. It feels all together less navigable to me.

(Ross) #4

You can hide the thing, but I think I agree about it disrupting navigation. Bateske was thinking it might be better to make a hook into wordpress or something with a featured topic, so perhaps we will do that.

(Kevin) #5

how do i edit it? it will be useful when there is some promotion or time based event like a competition maybe.

(Ross) #10

Trying another banner topic, fishing for feedback again, thanks!

(Scott) #11

Is there any way to make the banner clickable, or adding a link, to take you to the topic it’s promoting? Seeing just the first post as a banner, and then having to find the actual thread in the subject list, is a bit annoying.

(Ross) #12

I completely agree on that one, Ill dig into the templates and see if there is a way

(Andrew Dent) #13

IMHO it’s kinda annoying…

(Dave) #14

It’s Beautiful! I Love it! :heart: