How do you carry your Arduboy?

Hey all I find I love having my Arduboy in my pocket but recently I have been noticing some scratches on the screen. My wallet is not going to be an option as I have a ridge wallet, so I was curious what the community is using to carry their Arduboys for those who take it with you?

Note: Also, I haven’t used mine in a while and I was blown away there was still some good battery life left. awesome.

I use a case lol. Is a super slim wallet that I have, brand is Supr wallet. You can Google it, is around 20 dlls but is almost the same size of the Arduboy. It fits enough that it won’t scratch your screen.

I dont put it in any case just in my pocket. The glas front is a scrach magnet, nothing can stop it from getting scraches, just accept it. ^^

It is the most scratch proof plastic we could make it with, similar to safety glasses actually.