How do you delete your account?

I hate social networking and this Arduboy community is no exception. How do I quit? There seems to be no option to deactivate account.

Really? You can turn off all notifications and use the site at your convenience - not feel compelled to respond to updates etc.

It would be a shame to see you go!


I don’t know if users have the option to delete their own accounts, but it definitely is possible for moderators to delete accounts. However, as far as I’m aware, this is completely unprecedented - nobody has asked for this before.

I for one would be uncomfortable ‘pulling the plug’ on someone’s account without discussing the situation with the others first (particularly @bateske, since he runs the site) to decide how to handle the situation.

If there is something or someone in particular that is bothering you, or if there has been some incident that we are unaware of, I implore you to raise the issue with a moderator so we can be made aware of the situation and can attempt to resolve it.

If there is no particular issue with the site and you simply wish to leave for personal or external reasons, that is also perfectly fine. However, as it is impossible to ‘undelete’ an account I feel it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t ask you to please give it some time to make absolutely certain that this is what you want.

I for one won’t be taking any actions until I’ve had chance to discuss the matter with @bateske and the other moderators.

Once again, if there’s a particular issue that has lead to this, please feel free to tell someone about it.


It’s not possible to delete accounts but they can be deactivated, but all this does is require the email to be authenticated again.

If you don’t want to participate in the Arduboy community then the suggestion is to turn off your email notifications.

All public posts are kept for future posterity. If you have a specific issue you can discuss it directly with me.

It actually is possible from a technical standpoint, but almost all of a user’s posts have to be deleted first, so it’s quite a bit of work. Anonymisation is less work, but it leaves a user’s posts intact. (See the moderator discussion for more info.)