How do you make your own sprites

I just made my own arduboy yesterday and i would like to know how to make your own sprites. i have tried using a pixel art editor but when i convert it into hexadecimal character code it is so big that it takes up all the arduboy’s storage. Please can someone tell me a good sprite making application that i can use.

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Congrats on making your own Arduboy. You can try converting your sprite image(s) (png) image using TEAMarg’s Sprite ocnverter

For drawing sprites you could try Pixelformer


What size was the image? A fullscreen image should take up 1kb, not all of the storage.
If you want to try different formats for your sprites, this might help:

For editing sprites, I recommend Aseprite. GraphicsGale is another popular option.


What converter were you using?

It sounds like you were using a converter that converts to 3-bytes per pixel RGB rather than something that converts to the Arduboy format.

If you’re looking for converters, we have an entire thread dedicated to them:

Personally I draw my sprites in microsoft paint and then convert them using a converter I wrote myself (which I intend to clean-up and release… eventually).