How do you protect your Arduboy?

(Jay) #1

Bought a tiny felt card holder on Etsy for this little guy to help protect from scratches and whatnot.
Fits perfect! Even got it the Arduboy name stamped on it haha

Anyone get their protective case on Ebay? Which one did you get?
(Jay) #2

And also a picture of it closed up:

(Jack) #3

Awesome!!! Can you post the link for etsy? I would love to get one

(Kevin) #4

Oh wow that is super cool!

After searching around I think I found the link!

(Pharap) #5

After clicking that etsy decided to show me all prices in SGD because it picked up that that was the Singaporean link and decided that I was in/from Singapore, so I had to delete cookies to find out the real price.

Good fun though, I should try pretending to be in other countries more often, might upset websites’ analytics.

(Kevin) #6

Whoopsie! Yeah using the internet overseas is always exciting to see how things get localized. Fixed the link but unfortunately I can’t get the preview back, but whatever. Enjoy!

(Holmes) #7

I 3D printed a case and put felt inside.

(Adam Wilson) #8

Hello Community. I got on a cheap case for headphones and small electronic gadgets.
It is kind of hard shell, one side has a pocket with room for charging cable and other accessories.
I put a carabineer on it so it can be clipped to a backpack, belt or anything. The inside is felt lined and protects it from scratches and bumps and the Arduboy could probably take a few tumbles and falls inside this thing.
The outside is a webbed nylon of some sorts and keeps anything inside clean and dry. The whole case itself is about the size of a small wallet or phone, so while not quite as mini as a credit card sleeve, definitely still very portable and hardcore protection. There are other options available than the link I posted to, but I did buy this one for my Arduboy at $3.99 and free shipping! Not Bad.


(Erwin) #9

Can you fit several Arduboys in that case?

(Adam Wilson) #10

You may be able to fit two - I don’t have more than one Arduboy. It tends to sit in there a little on the diagonal because the bulge of fabric on the hinge side but you can snuggle it down and probably fit another one.

Without the charger in the top you could lean a few in there like cards. It is deep but the width would be more the problem.

(Simon) #11

Can you fit five? no.

(Adam Wilson) #12

I’d rather fit a boot loader of some kind and then one Arduboy suddenly becomes a lot more.

(Kevin) #13

Lol have the same case as @aawilson84 except without the loop for the keychain carabiner. Found it in the electronics markets in Singapore.

(Erwin) #14

Mine is always available in my belt, spring loaded hanging sleeve -> do you know the word of arduboy lord? * stretch spring to show device to victim* you dont?? * arduboy jumps back to belt fast * xD haha I cannot rely on clumsy clamshell thingys with zippers :grimacing:

(Kevin) #15

I do something like what @eried has got (although not as nice looking) when I go to events like Maker Faire it is really easy to show off this way!

(Simon) #16

I am getting a little scared of @eried … luckily he is as far away from Australia as one can get on this earth. Just kidding Erwin but you are an avid Arduboy fan.

(Pharap) #17

@eried’s devotion puts us all to shame :P

I especially like his office though.
Multiple monitors and a fancy board to draw smart-looking diagrams and equations on (to impress guests).


Jewelry and fashion…

(Alex) #19

Im planning to reverse engineer the arduboy front cover and make a model for it. Then 3D print it. You can customize your colors and scratches will be much less noticeable! If anybody knows the screwhole type of the screwholes in the front cover and can replicate that into a tinkercad custom shape that would be nice :slight_smile:

(Beau Smith) #20

Anyone get their case on Ebay? Which one did you get?