How do you protect your Arduboy?

(Scott R) #21

I made a nubuck pouch today as my first ever dabble in leather work.

(Simon) #22

I love the design!       

(Jul) #23

Just a DIY leather case and a phone film protector will do de job

(Johannes Posch) #24

homemaid leather case & custom homemade mushroom pearl / bead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Adam Wilson) #25

Genius. Doesn’t scratch screen or back, show it off safely. Been using it for a while.

(Lee) #26

I never leave the house without my Arduboy in tow. You never know when you’ll have a minute to sink into a dungeon :smiley:

(Simon) #27

Love it … it must be a very recent photo!

(Lee) #28

I wanted to make sure I showed off my new favorite game. I love dungeon games and have high hopes for all the games from the recent unofficial Jam!