How durable is the arduboy?


how durable is this thing? if I accidentally sit on my wallet, is it going to crack? ~160lbs


The front plastic is somewhat weak to scratching
I’d keep it in a front pocket just to be safe.

I don’t think it would crack unless there was something under it to focus the pressure on one part of the case though. The back is aluminium.

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I think this says it all…


that’s a bit less force than sitting on the thing. any press tests out there?

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Yeah. :joy:. It would be interesting to see if there are any tests. I’d like to know it’s limitations (not that I think I’ll reach them in my everyday use).

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So actually there are solder tabs on the battery that can be broken with a real decent drop. Some units are more prone to this than others. The factory is supposed to be taping it down but something got lost in the translation and they tape the PCB as to avoid shorting out. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve always thought it would be fun to try and drive over one with a car.

One customer sent me a picture where someone had maliciously tried to destroy one and it ends up a fairly mangled mess.

More durable than a cell phone if the battery tabs weren’t an issue. And the scratching. But it’s already made out of the most scratch resistant plastic I could ask for.

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Some say it made out of Nokia 3210s.

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I work in construction-

So far my guinea pig one I’ve sat on, dropped it (including down stairs) and once I accidentally trod on it, then I’ve killed and replaced the MCU and now my battery has fully discharged, it’s had various parts soldered to it and been apart countless times…its still in one and works I just need to find a battery.

I’ve read others have survived washing machines.

To put it in perspective my Arduboy has outlived 4 iPhones.

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That guy and his device are so fucking badass. Why is this not in the main page?

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For that people don’t test it… launch it bad, break their arduboy and cry on forum that the advert is not true… There are not alot stupid guys using the arduboy but we are never protected to have some…

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This happened to one of mine. My cat likes to push things off my desk and now one of my Arduboys has a bad battery connection as a result. Or so it seems. They symptoms are the device rebooting itself or the screen going black after a while of playing.

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The battery tabs are the only weak point, if for whatever reason you have this problem let me know and we can work with you to get it resolved.

Actually it’s a bit of a shame because newer versions have more of a problem with this. The full story is that the last batch of about 10,000 units were produced with battery tabs that were too long, so the battery sort of hangs by the tabs and an impact shock puts a torsional stress on the whole battery resulting in a shearing force parallel to the width of the tab tearing it at the joint between the tab and where it has been epoxied into the lithium pack.

The factory was supposed to put tape to hold the battery down but they misunderstood the instruction and instead insulate the battery from the PCB and the back of the case. Which is anodized aluminum. Which does not conduct electricity. Manufacturing hardware is not a walk in the park, it’s nonsense like this that keeps me up at night.

Extended rant: We at one point scrapped 5,000 sets of buttons for being the wrong shade of red, and 1,000 Tetris PCBS with the chips already on them for having electrical design problems.

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I can probably resolder the battery leads and tape it down.


There’s issues with trying to re-solder the battery

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It is not possible to solder the battery. The solution is to replace the battery.

When I was originally trying to source the battery I felt like it would be easier to make it slim by putting the protection circuitry on the board. But even if that is true, the downside is the delicate solder tabs of the battery are exposed. I’m pretty sure it’s possible to have the battery manufacturer put the protection circuit on the pack and still have it be thin enough to fit in the back.

Doing so would also reduce the part count on the front of the pcb.

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I’m having a nightmare finding a battery I can buy 100+ from China and the US seller will not ship to UK I’ll make a sepereate post later today when I get home from work describing the behaviour with a fully discharged battery it may help others.
For now I’ve desoldered the battery and installed a small drone pack.

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If you’ve bought one and its had this problem please use

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I agree.

Off topic:


After upgrading my Arduboy with a new backplate and 1800mAh battery I have no use for the original. So if you’re interesed in a used one. Let me know.