How hard is it to make a game?

Hi, my name is Tim Evans and I’ve had a lifetime of love for video games. From playing popcorn on my dad’s Tandy CoCo to modern day platforms and too many to count in-between.

I received my Kickstarter Arduboy a few days ago and already my mind is positively reeling with possibilities. I’ve never developed a game before and have coded very little outside of basic HTML sites.

My question is this: How hard would it be for me to make a game? What language are the games programmed in, and what are some good resources to get started?


it’s all based on Arduino, so best thing you can do, is hop over to the arduino site and start reading:

coding is done in C/C++

Start with something simple: show a text on the screen: “Hello world” and then a sprite and so on.

  1. Learn basics of C or C++ (you can start with googling something like “Programming for Arduino”
  2. Read code for other games
  3. Be creative

How hard it’s going to be depends on what kind of games you want to create. If you put some effort into it you will be able to write something Breakout/Arkanoid like in a couple of days/weeks.

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No, not C. Just C++. The Arduino Studio doesn’t compile C, it compiles C++. There’s a difference.

If you’re coding for ARM you got to learn C first. It’s a bad path for PC, but for embedded systems with extremely limited storage and memory you better write in C, or at least go easy on some C++ features like templates.

Please check it! :smiley:

But the Arduboy doesn’t use ARM. The Arduboy uses AVR.

Aside from which, templates aren’t something to be avoided. If anything, they’re especially good for embedded systems because they can offload some of the work onto the compiler. As long as you remember that C++ uses reified generics and not type erasure. Ultimately though, if you don’t use a function it won’t be compiled, so it’s not something to be too worried about.

Templates aren’t what you want to worry about though. Worry about things like new, malloc, delete and free.

I meant AVR of course, thank you

if you don’t use a function it won’t be compiled,

Exactly. With classes for instance it’s much more complicated.

I don’t see why that would be. The same rule should still apply…

Hey @TimOnGaming did that answer your question? We are going to be developing tutorials and lessons for beginners to get started that will take you step by step to creating a game. These will be starting to be published next month and hope to finish it all before the end of the year. So if you’re a little lost or confused, don’t worry just stay tuned we will get you there!


I’m “all in” for that! Can’t wait to see the tutorials.

Yes it did! I was ignorant of y arduboy for a good while, sorry.

As it is now, it’s totally bricked for some reason. See Arduboy Assistant. :frowning: