How is Squario doing?

So i wan on the store deciding whether or not i should order one yet and on the set of pictures it showed squario (a very mario looking game) running on the arduboy, so i was wondering if any has the code for it to play it or if anyone knows how well if it’s still being developed.
oh and also if anyone is making any similar games.

Below is the gif of the game.

I’m working on a Super Meat Boy-style game. Here’s a tiny WIP video.


Looks good, fuopy, but it´s not the same. We want to know how squario it is…

I don’t know anything about squario, but the OP mentioned interest in if anyone was also working on similar games. I want to see squario too, hahaha :smile: Also, thank you!

meat boy looks great

Your game looks awesome, you should make your own thread about as both more people should know about it and I’m sure people will love it to.

Squario exists! Chris is putting some final touches on it (still) but the game is now an infinite free runner that creates the level as you run! Working on getting an underworld to function then it should be out.

Cascade Path looks like it may be first though, stay tuned!


I have a really lame platformer that I’m working on. Still very WIP so not releasing any code yet, but right now you can run left and right into objects, jump onto objects, and collect pickup items. There’s an old, bad video of it in the Sporkys Megaman thread somewhere :slight_smile:

your work looks promising dude!

Squario inbound I think it may have some bugs though, holdon to your butts!

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Really love the look of your Super Meat Boy game…nice work!