How is the Arduboy wired?

Hello! I am currently finishing up my Rust library for the Arduboy. I wanted to double check that I got the pins correctly setup.

I cannot figure out how the Arduboy is wired. I’ve taken a look at Arduboy2/Arduboy2Core.cpp at ca1c3ae024414174acd0b3e8df5c53c2803d1295 · MLXXXp/Arduboy2 · GitHub

Does that mean that CS, DC, RST are outputs, and only CS and DC are set to HIGH during boot? They do not seem to be ever pulled to low either.

Is that correct?

This post contains a link to the schematic:

All pins going to the display are outputs from the microprocessor. The display has no output pins.

RST is toggled low briefly once during initialisation to reset the display then left high.

CS will be set low to select the display and will remain low. However, for the Arduboy FX, CS will be pulled high when the serial EEPROM chip needs to be accessed.

D/C will be will be set low when a command needs to be sent to the display. It will be high when data is being sent, which is most of the time.

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