How long lasting are these lil fellas?

I see that the arduboy seems to be well built? However, just how long lasting are these? Not just the outsides, but the internal electronics too.

I don’t know what the MTTF (mean time to failure) is but possible failure points are:

  • The battery might be the first thing to die. It will hold less and less of a charge over time. They are usually rated for around 500 to 1000 charges.

  • The buttons could wear out. The on/off switch and reset button could break.

  • The USB connector could wear out or break.

  • The pixels in the OLED display will become dimmer the longer they are lit (so you could see “burn in” if certain pixels are on much more than others). The estimated life time of a pixel is 15000 to 50000 hours to 50% original brightness, depending on the operating brightness and temperature. I don’t know what brightness level the Arduboy runs the display at.

There’s nothing else I can think of that might be expected to wear out or break.

@MLXXXp you forgot:

  • The 32u4 might self evolve causing the Arduboy to gain consciousness and form a new world government run by the machines.

Real life the only issue usually seen is when battery tabs break off after it has been dropped.

I’ve had maybe a dozen users report of buttons going bad and maybe one or two people have an issue with the OLED or the on/off switch.

The Arduboy does come with a warranty so if you have an issue just use the contact form to help get it resolved.


I don’t know if that would be considered a failure. It depends on your point of view. :robot:


I keep the thing in my laptop/desktop like 24/7 since I got it. I should setup up ProjectABE sooner than later… Kinda ruins the fun IMO.


This happened to me with the pixel watch. The second I get it and started to develop for it it got discontinued/not supported. :frowning:

I contacted the contact us page to see if they could publish a list of recommended place to get batteries.

Found this link that seems promising: Replacement Battery For Arduboy

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Nah, just the current version. The platform will continue in one form or another until heat death of the universe.

Do you mean current version of the device or libraries? I get your point though. When it comes down to it one could make a arduboy clone and continue on their marry way.

You know like batman is just an idea, that kind of thing.

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I’ve been doing more or less the same for a few years now.
Sometimes I remove it, but it rarely leaves my desk.

That’s half the reason I don’t use it.
(The other half is that I’m used to the upload procedure and can’t be bothered to change my habits. :P)

Even if the Arduboy stopped being manufactured it’s still possible to make them.

There was so much interest in a single thread about making a homemade Arduboy that we ended up turning it into a proper category which became really popular.

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Barrier to entry is none with this device besides 60~ bucks, but taking a look around the treads it seems cheaper abiet not as sexy without a 3d printer. The design and form factor of this thing is just so good.

If my current device goes to Valhalla by then i’m sure i’ll be more comfortable in this type of scene. Scene being rolling my own Arduboy.

With the Arduboy, I try to avoid this. The reason is that it keeps the battery at its full charge voltage of 4.2V. The Arduboy doesn’t regulate the battery voltage, instead running at the raw battery voltage. The display has a recommended maximum operating voltage of 3.3V and an absolute maximum rating of 4.0V

So personally, I tend to not use the Arduboy while it’s charging. I only power it on while connected to USB when uploading a sketch. After being fully charged and disconnected, once the unit is operated on battery power the voltage will drop to below the absolute maximum display voltage rating in a fairly short time. (The nominal voltage of a LiPo cell is 3.7V)

I know @bateske will likely come back and say it’s perfectly safe because testing and experience has proven that the display can tolerate conditions beyond its absolute maximum ratings. However, me being an engineering type (though not an accredited engineer) I’m kind of a stickler for following the datasheets, especially where power or heat requirements are concerned. I say: Better safe than sorry.

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That Arduboy is incredibly well-made. The build quality is outstanding.


Great! Yes, it does seem to be built quite well. That slab of aluminum on the back is stroooong!

You know, the magnetic charging cable it came with is quite short, so when I originally plugged it in and tried to place it onto the floor, it swung and couldn’t reach the floor and slammed the plastic front into the wall! I couldn’t find a single crack larger than a quarter of a cm. Ridiculous!


Does that mean the FX will take place?
Or am I doomed to know if my arduboy breaks t-then I’ll just have to die.

I’m on the verge of tears

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Never fear @SAVAGE_Pineapple I too went through these stages and came out the other end motivated to start learning Arduino in the event this cool device become inoperable.

I have this nice guide bookmarked if the day ever comes, which I doubt it will. The battery would be the first thing to go and there are way to get a new one.

Edit: Just found this user showing off their clone. We have a ton of resources here to continue the fun.

Of course, the focus is on the mod chip though, actually will be just converting the remaining inventory into the pre-modded FX.

If demand is strong enough, then I may do a stretch goal but would have to sell at least 5,000 Arduboy FX in order to do production.

If you are curious about Arduboy FX be sure to read all of for details and sign up for notifications. Most importantly, tell your friends!

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So what exactly will the mod chip be?
Will that be manufactured?


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