How many Arduboys are out there?

If you would like some of the other posts removed,
feel free to ask a moderator (those people with the shields next to their names).
Technically they’re offtopic anyway, so you have a legitimate reason.

Also, it’s not secret to your Github followers,
they would have been notified when you made the repo.

And they get notified of commits if they’ve decided to watch the repo.

I know someone who matches both those criteria.

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Yeah i know that. :slight_smile: I don’t mind if someone sees it. Not that far into secrecy with this game. :wink:
I just want to avoid to raise expectations for beginners/non programmers which may find it here. The project right now is not in a testable state and cannot be built with the arduino IDE atm. In addition to that there is no hexfile.

Awww you, I got notified :kissing_heart: