How to add my game to the Arduboy FX Cart Image

You can easily add your own game to the Arduboy FX Cart.

Step 1: Click on Upload Game.

Step 2: Fill in form! Make sure you check ‘Share with the community’.

Step 3: Click Upload.

Step 4: PM me (@filmote) and tell me you have done it.


  • To allow the community to see your game, you must click ‘Share with the community’. If you do not, it will only be visible to you.
  • Games will be added to the cart only after I vet them. I will not know they are there unless you PM me!
  • If you want me to update an existing game, please check the ‘Replace existing game’ check box.
  • Please tell me what platform you have compiled the game for. Ideally, you will be able to compile for both the Arduboy FX and 8BitCade XL.

This is soooo cool! Nicely done mate. :+1:

Awesome! I like it a lot.

Do you think it could be feasible to allow uploading a single .arduboy file and using it for the info fields and hex/png/data/save files?

It might be … but its probably out of my league as I am not really a good PHP programmer.

If someone can help me do this in PHP then we can probably get it done. I think the .arduboy format will just have to be unzipped into a temp directory and then we could probably parse that info. At the moment, their is only a success / failure notification back to the front-end client whereas this would change it up a bit and require those data points come back from the server as part of the ‘success’ notification. Possible!

Based on a quick search, unzipping and decoding JSON are relatively easy.

Validation might be a bit more difficult.

There’s a JSON schema somewhere on the forum, but it looks like you’d need a 3rd party library to validate based on a schema. But then again, I’m not sure you’d really need to validate it to that scale. Perhaps having the correct fields of the correct types is enough?

I would have said maybe some of the work could be done in the browser (i.e. with JavaScript), but there’s always a chance someone will try to bypass that, so you probably need on-server validation either way.

Yes, I found those same / similar PHP and ZIP references. I know it can be done, just not in the framework I have already to load up a HEX file. I would need to do something different - maybe a new web page or something - to handle this exception.

Unziping on the client side would be interesting.

Of course, anyone who has made an .arduboy file probably has the individual files already so they could simply load those up.

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This is what I was originally thinking. Similar to this demo, where you’d choose a file and a bunch of client side js would extract from the file and populate the fields of the form for you (no change to server code or client-server messaging).

Definitely a fair bit of work compared to the small convenience it provides. :smiley: Maybe I’ll give it a shot at some point.

EDIT: Submitted PR for initial attempt

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Here is the repo … GitHub - filmote/CartBuilder

I didn’t realise that unzipping something client-side could be this easy. I have muddled my way around JQuery to the point of getting this cart builder working but I would never call myself an expert.

Can’t agree more.

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I have merged that. I put the button down the bottom (with a particularly dodgy piece of CSS) and added a Licence on your JS (to match the remainder of the site).


Thanks again for the second PR, @brow1067 … really helps make this a reality.

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@filmote I would like to add my demake of the Game and Watch Judge game to the full collection of games but I’m not sure how to go about compiling it for the FX. Is there a guide here for converting an older game? Awesome job with this tool by the way, can’t wait until I get my FX and start using it.

The whole process of changing the cart on the FX seems a little overwhelming to me so I’m sure I’ll be back with questions on how to do this whenever I get the FX in the mail.

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Nice game! (original thread here). There’s no special compilation requirements if you don’t use the new FX features.

I also find the use of python to upload, etc. a bit overwhelming! I’m sure filmote can guide you better than me.

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Thanks! Hard to believe it’s already been three years since I last made a game for the Arduboy. It’s really only good because @Pharap basically rewrote all my messy code though.

Well you could download my fxactivator which includes an embedded version of python that doesn’t require anything else than to be unzipped, double click the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat, browse to the flash image and click the upload flash image button to upload the flash image.

And the flash image you’re referring to is the .bin file downloaded from @filmote’s web-based tool?

yes the .bin file is the flash image