How to download game from Arduboy to PC

This may have been answered elsewhere but I haven’t noticed it.

I want to try a new game on my Arduboy, but I also want to preserve the high scores on my currently installed game! Is there an easy way to download the game back to my PC for storage?

I am using Windows 10 which doesn’t see the Arduboy as a USB device, I am only able to find it from within the Arduino IDE. I was hoping there’d be a “pull image from device” or something, but so far haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Please help!

Depending on the games you don’t need to worry, there’s an eeprom to store saved games/scores, but it depends if the game used it. If the save/score stays after powering off the unit then odds are it does use it.

Oh great, I will have a look! Thanks :slight_smile:

Just for the record, avrdude has the ability to read out EEPROM from the arduboy and write back to it.
Having that said, this process is not one for novice users to try, but it means that technically it is possible for somebody to make a program to backup saved data to a computer.

There’s been some discussion on methods to share the EEPROM space between multiple sketches in a way that would avoid conflicts and overlaps. No saving/restoring using a PC would be necessary.

Unfortunately, not much has become of this. It would be nice if we could settle on the proposed standard, or some other one, and convince developers to get “on board”.