How to Factory Reset FX Cart?


I own an Arduboy FX.

How can I reset my Arduboy FX to factory settings?
I mean: I wanna upload the original firmware (containing all 200+ games). Where can I find that “image” file of Arduboy FX? Thank you!


You can create your own here.

If you select the Full Enchilda you will get all the games originally on your FX plus some new ones that have been added since.

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I’ve just downloaded the “Full Enchilda” and I obtained a file “flashcart-image.bin” (5.67 MByte): how can I upload it on my Arduboy FX?

The instructions were shown when you download the file …

Its a few steps but its actually really easy.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Shout out if you have any problems.

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Yes, I’ve another question.

I built an Arduboy clone, using an Arduino Micro.
If I load a .hex file (using Arduboy Uploader), it works like a charm but, if I try to upload another .hex file (replacing the previous one), then Arduboy Uploader freezes and furthermore, if after I use Arduino IDE, Arduino Micro is not recognized (there isn’t any Port number), so then I have to reset Arduino Micro, then I can upload another .hex file.

I don’t understand the reason why…

Please, could you help me?

Sorry, I am not really sure what is going on there. Do you mean a Pro Micro?

I assume your clone does not have an FX chip?

What bootloader does it have on it? Standard or Cathy3K. If Cathy3K can you press up and down to return to the bootloader?

If you are using the standard bootloader, hHave you created a reset button for it?

Yes, I mean Arduino Pro Micro.
I don’t have an FX chip.

I have Cathy3K as bootloader.
If I press up and down I see a black screen on OLED, then after some seconds the game starts again as usual.

Please, could you explain me which is the “right procedure” in order to load a .hex file after having already loaded another .hex file? I mean: when I have already loaded a .hex file (and it works) and I wanna load another .hex file (another game), what do I have to do exactly? Thank you!

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