How To Fight A Boss - Game Jam 3

This is my first Arduboy Game Jam!

My submission is called “How To Fight A Boss”’, and it adds elements of space, kusoge, and education if you really stretch it.

You are Jeevak, a young child sent to fight a Zotikos, the only enemy in the game. The game attempts to teach you a tutorial, but it is not much help. In order to defeat the Zotikos of Planet Tuwile to become the chosen one, you must use your wit and think outside the box. (Look up the names, I chose them for a reason.)

Space: The game takes place in outer space, and you are fighting an alien. The child’s outfit is very futuristic as well.

Kusoge: The fact that you have to find the right path to winning, while avoiding the many death screens laid throughout the game, it makes for much frustration (as tested by my friends).

Education: You could argue that this game teaches you to think of other options in situations, but that might be stretching it.

Due to time constraints, this game is very short. If you want, you can speedrun the game and report your time, as I wonder just how fast someone could go through it. Also, as I’m counting this as a WIP and want to come back to it over the summer, hit me up with some recommendations, both in code and gameplay!

You can download this game here:


Dedicated to Alex Kidd?!

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Not really, but the child sprite does look a lot like him.

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I haven’t had a chance to play the game but it looks interesting. Well done!

I had a quick look at the code … there is a Arduboy function called ‘justPressed()’ which is similar to ‘pressed()’ but it only returns true when the button is just pressed (as the name suggests). Might have made it easier and removed the need for your buffers.


The game sets the frame rate in setup() via
but nextFrame() isn’t used in loop() to actually control the frame rate. The game is going to run at a variable speed, depending on how fast it gets through loop() on each iteration.


I think this (unintentionally) adds to the kusoge element!

I had a lot of fun playing (and failing at) this game last night. It’s funny how much game play you can get out of graphics, text, and two buttons!