How to get a free Arduboy

There might be a way:


I think this will be the reason to finally get twitter…

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Oh no what have I done…

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I have re-tweeted this. Not being a twitter man (or social media for that matter), it took me a while to work out how to do that!


If you want a free Arduboy, put 2 in the cart and use coupon code: BOGO at checkout.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist:

(And yes, telling someone to “bog off” is considered impolite.)

I was expecting a free one not two for half price :joy:

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Don’t look a gift Arduboy in the mouth? … you can lead an Arduboy to water but you cant make it drink? … an Arduboy a day keeps the doctor away … Ah I don’t know anymore …

Buy more Arduboys! If you already have too many, give them away as a gift! If you don’t have any money, find someone who has money and tell them all about the Arduboy and how much you would enjoy making and playing video games with them.

I’ll probably let this sale go a little longer into “tomorrow” to let people who might have been sleeping when it was announced catch on.

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By the way @Pharap this is pretty chuckleworthy: