How to make a DIY arduboy?

So, I decided to make my own Arduboy. I was making a game but in the process I also broke my arduboy. The DIY arduboy would work the same, and allow for some tinkering. I have the parts for it, an Arduino Micro, some buttons, a breadboard, and a screen. However the screen has been proving difficult. I got the homemade arduboy package from mrblinky but I just can’t seem to find the correct wiring for the screen. It’s an SSH1106 oled screen. Any help would be appreciated.

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I’ve tested it on ArduBreakout and HelloWorld and both do the same thing. A bit is visible on the top, but the rest is just garbled nonsense.

If you have the homemade package, are you selecting SH1106 when you compile?

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Yes. I select that and the Genuino Micro board.

This is how I have it wired up.

OK, try wiring CS to pin 12:


didn’t work. still looks the same as before

The reason SH1106 screens have this symptom of showing only the first ‘page’ (first 8 rows) of the display is because they need a command sent to manually increment to the next page. SSD1306 screens automatically increment, so code written for them (like the Arduboy libraries) does not include this command… I remember that this particular Video Poker game is written with those page commands included, so maybe trying running it on your setup and see if that makes any difference??

This one should work on SH1106 as well:

(both these games are using @akkera102’s Arduboy port of the Gamebuino library)

So i tried both, the first one throws a bunch of errors at me and ArduboyDigger does the same thing as before. Is my screen defective?

Since there is data beeing displayed CS seems to work. It looks like the commands are not getting through though. Check that DC pin of the display is connected properly to pin 4. Also check the pin numbering on the micro. The labeling makes it easy to miscount a pin.