How to make arduboy clone?

I want to make diy arduboy using arduino pro micro and spi 7pin oled (128 * 64).
But I don’t know how to make that.
How can I do?

Follow the wiring diagram here:

Please try to refrain from making new threads on this topic since there’s already several existing threads of this exact question, where you can find the answers of whatever questions you have.

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Not their fault really this should be more obvious and I plan to move it to the front page eventually.

Also it doesn’t add the schematics for the FX chip and it’s also not a “how to” guide.

The truth is we don’t actually have such a thing but there are various resources on the internet. I think Instructables website has one or two.

Several users have lamented the fact that this doesn’t exist but nothings stopping anyone from producing and posting one. I just haven’t got around to it.