How to make your own sprites

I would like help learning how to make my own sprites please thank you

Please tell me if you know anything

Do you mean:

  • How to use an image editor?
  • How to convert existing images into sprites that the Arduboy can use?
  • How to draw converted sprites in terms of code?

The last one if you know the answer please

You can convert the sprite into hex. Here’s a tutorial on graphics.

You can also learn to do it from scratch. It can be done in binary, decimal, and hex.

I would like to learn to in binary

There’s a similar question here, and the answer would be pretty much the same:

Most of the converters spit out hex rather than binary.

Ultimately it doesn’t make a difference, since hex, binary and decimal are all just different ways of representing the same thing: numeric values.

If you don’t know the difference between binary, decimal and hexadecimal, there’s a good explanation here.

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Thank you vary much for your help

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