How to prepare sprites for a game?

Hi, i am in the process of working on a remake and i would like to prepare all the sprites so that they are in a ready state to just use if me or somebody else wants to use them.

Is there any good practice for that?

Thanks in advance.

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Just make sure they’re monochrome and in an accessible format (preferably .png).

Most people know how to use one of the available image converters.

If you want you could pre-convert, but make sure to supply the original so people can choose if they want to use either compressed or uncompressed formats.

And lastly, make sure it’s clear what the terms are for using the images.
If possible pick a licence. Creative commons licences are often good for art.
(If that’s too much text to dig through, this diagram is a nice, simple overview.)

Thank you for your help! It’s really appreciated.

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And with an alpha channel or other transparency for a mask, if necessary.

If the editor accepts that as input,
otherwise an external mask might be needed.
(Which for the Arduboy is the inverse of how an image mask normally works for some reason.)