How to Reset Arduboy if it's Bricked

(Kevin) #83

@filmote seems like the issue is some kind of RAM problem that is preventing it from ever getting into the right mode, possibly combined with some other mystery and at this stage I’m blaming the wallabies.

@Ground7 sounds like the 3rd party loader nuked the boot loader entirely. How are you with a soldering iron? There is the ability to reflash the bootloader with an external programmer.

(Leo) #84

Im the best with a solder iron. Lol

I may make a rig though. Or just clamp the pins down.

(Leo) #85

Well reflashing the bootloader works. Fixed all the problems.

@bateske I ended up having to solder the wires to the pads. For future reference a Tiny AVR Programmer has no problems flashing the arduboy.

I used 5vdc

Used arduboy manager in this photo. Works like it did before I crashed it.

Thank you for the help and keeping this forum alive.

(Simon) #86

Right … might have to buy a Tiny AVR Programmer.

(Leo) #87

If you have an Arduino it should work also and be cheaper cause you’d already have it. My last Arduino i had is missing the microcontroller, lol. so i had to use this, (Also already had for attiny chips to burn the Arduino bootloader to).

Have you ever flashed a bootloader before? if you have then you will have less problems making sure the wires are right.

(Simon) #88

I have many Arduinos but have never had to flash the bootloader before. How do I use it to fix my Arduboy??

(Leo) #89

Instead of the Attiny45 that he is using, just pretend it’s the arduboy pads. its the same thing only you need to install the Leonardo bootloader.

here is a link to a post using an Arduino to flash it. He is using a dev version, but its the same pins.

(Simon) #90

What’s a boobloader? Was that a Freudian slip??

(Leo) #91

lol, yes a slip. ill correct it now


(Pharap) #92

Is that the same thing as what eried discusses in this thread?

(Leo) #93

yes, same, just different thread.

The thread helped a lot.

(Jer) #94

It took a few tries but I got this to work! I installed Evade 2 and couldn’t upload any new software after. Glad this fixed the problem, though I seem to have dislodged my reset button inside the case…

(Kevin) #95

Don’t push too hard! The button can be damaged by using excessive force. If you need us to repair the unit for you, we can do that for free but you’ll have to send it in to us.


Thought it would be dead!
I tried to upload a sketch(that compiles, I just changed some values of variables) and then upload it. And for some reason the “writing” into the Arduboy take longer, and then it decided to break, and (of course) the screen is black. Glad the bootloader was fine, I uploaded it again after several tries with the reset button (without DISLOGING it like someone…* cough*…@JerJer…*cough *)
Phew…I thought I need to get the ISP programmer…
So which ISP programmer should I get? Anything that will work with ATmEL MEGA32U4?
Because on online shops (any of them) there is like 10,000 different ISP programmers and price varies.

(Scott R) #99

Most seem to go for USBasp or you can use another Arduino.

(Pharap) #100

For using another Arduino board, see here:

(Jer) #101

I’m a big dummy and used a safety pin :upside_down_face: Don’t be like Jer Jer