How to start learning with Arduboy

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So I’ve been reading a few people ask what is the best way to learn, and retain info etc, so thought I would consolidate a small list here and hopefully these links would be helpful to someone out there!

Please reply with comments if you also have more links to add. :sunflower:

Setting up your computer

Read and follow the Quick Start Guide: Quick Start Guide
Have a question? Discuss the Quick Start Guide: [Discuss] Arduboy Quick Start Guide

Start Coding

Get started with @crait’s tutorials - Learn how to print text, display graphics, move sprites :

Quick start guide (at 2:40) after introduction of Arduventure [James Berryman]

What is Arduboy and How to Install Games [Let’s Talk Retro]

Gameboy VS Arduboy, Quick start, and edit source code of games (how to get more health in the VIRUS game) [Roanoke Hobby Online]

Getting started with Arduboy [Roanoke Hobby Online]

For a month of Arduboy he shows how games get onto the Arduboy, shares a couple of games, his opinion after a month of use and wish list. [Retr0rob]

MINI GAMEBOY: What is Arduboy and how to upload new games [Museum of Working Miniatures]

Fine tune your code

Arduboy Magazine
Read tips and tricks on optimizing your code to save space, game design, music and other game related topics:

Happy coding!