How to use an OLED with UNO?

Hi, I am making an arduboy using and arduino uno and i have this 7pin screen but I do not know where to wire it onto the arduino and I have been looking everywhere for it. The screen is SPI 128x64 OLED

The schematics are here, with the names of the pins written in little helpful diagrams:

I’m working on a guide that gives full detail, but you can also search online there are a few instructables as well.

Note that the Arduboy is based on the Arduino Leonardo.

The Uno may look the same and may have the same digital and analog pin numbering but they are controlled by different hardware pins as the Uno uses a different MCU (Microcontroller) with different capabilities.

There is no wiring plan on how to wire up an Uno. It’s pretty much up to you how you want to wire things up and you’ll also need to adapt the Arduboy libraries to make things work.


If possible get yourself an Arduino Leonardo, It will make things way easier.

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Oops! I missed the part about the uno! That’s not really supported sorry!

Just going to slip this in… It’s a recompiled library of Arduboy2 for the ATMega328p (the UNO uses this).

Don’t expect all games to run perfectly or at all, however. There are many differences between a Leonardo and an UNO, such as RAM, and the two MCUs are also pretty different to each other.

I would listen to @Mr.Blinky and @bateske, try to get a Leonardo but if you are completely unable to, then it is possible to get something to work with an UNO.

Also, out of curiosity, do you know what driver your display has? (e.g. SSD1309, SH1106)

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That’s true, it is available! It’s just not actively supported meaning you’re expected to encounter bugs with it but if you’re not an advanced user willing to champion this aspect for the community, it’s not recommended.

Yeah I was going to use that recompiled library for it I just wasn’t sure where to wire the screen to work with it or change the library to work with where I have wired it

That library has been modified for a 4 pin I²C display. You have a 7 pin SPI display, so you’re going to have to revert the changes in the library made to the display functions back from I²C to SPI.

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Ah ok that makes sense, I guess I will give it a go then but I am not 100% sure how to do it

If I where to have a 4pin screen where would I wire that on the uno?


Ok thanks for all the help!