How To Use Flashlight Mode To Fix Bricked Arduboys

You will be glad to know that Lion Tamer does not remove the USB stack - there is no need!

I did keep flashlight() mode.

I am not sure why the Arduboy can be so temperamental. I guess it could also be the computer, it has its moments too.

I can’t recall any time when I’ve had problems uploading, using flashlight if necessary, or holding Down if USB has been removed. That’s with both of my Arduboys and my Arduino Micro based breadboarded system. And that’s also using at least 4 different PCs and numerous cables. However, all the PCs I’ve used have been running Linux.

The machine I use is a Mac but I have a Windows laptop that I sometimes use and have the occasional problem with also. I can always flash something eventually but occasionally I have had to resort to flashlight mode or pressing the reset button for even ‘normal’ games. I hate doing that as the reset button is a fragile little thing!

Yeah, I definitely got my Windows laptop in a mode the other day where it just said the USB serial port was misbehaving and wouldn’t talk to my Arduboy again until the laptop was rebooted. I pulled out the Linux netbook and it was OK, but I still couldn’t quite get the board flashing until I used the reset button.

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I had installed EVADE 2 and using up+left+a+b for two seconds worked! I was scared that was the only game it would ever have from now on. Note that it only stays in boot mode for a few seconds then resets back to the game so you have to be ready to upload a new game as soon as it boots.

Thanks for this post…
Just received my first Arduboy and I successfully built and uploaded Kong to it. After that my Linux machine would never recognize the device again (on a USB port) and I couldn’t add any games. This post got me through it — You have to hold the down button the entire time you upload the new game.
I also wrote a script that allows you to pass in the Usb port and the hex file and it’ll run AVR DUDE and upload it directly to your device. Makes things a bit easier.

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I try to add the ability to drop straight to the bootloader from within my games - typically by holding the Down button for a number of seconds on the title screen. The new Arduboy XL has this feature ‘out of the box’.