Howto: Update Your Kickstarter Address

Please make sure your address information is current! We will notify you before shipping but making sure this is up to date on your own will make sure we get you the Arduboy as fast as possible.

Step 1: Navigate to the Kickstarter Campaign Page and Log In

Click on “View Pledge”

Step 2: Click on the “Survey” tab in the popup window

Step 3: Within the Survey tab, click on “Edit Address”

Finally, enter your updated shipping information!

There’s no obvious place for a phone number; Address 2 doesn’t seem right, and some people might have something important there already.

Even the blurred address in the image above doesn’t look like it actually has a phone number in it.


Oh… That explains why we didn’t get phone numbers. Bollocks.

Dear other people who run kickstarters: Make a question in the survey for phone numbers, it’s gonna be really helpful for you when it comes time to ship.

Didn’t we do a survey on the Arduboy store before too? Is that one no longer valid? A little confused here. Thanks.

The one on the store is still valid. We will check the most recent address update and use that one, but if you have it in both places that’s even better.

The primary reason for going into the store was the ability to change your color if you wanted to (which is now closed). Kickstarter wouldn’t let us change the color.

This was another “learning” experience. My number one advice to other people doing kickstarter is not to offer colors, this has literally caused almost 2 months of delay just managing the different units, from collecting the information, getting peoples information updated, making sure we ship the right unit to the right person. This time adds up fast!