Humanity Revenge - a Simple shoot 'em up

Humanity Revenge.hex

Hi all, i’ve uploaded to Github “Humanity Revenge” my first try to create a little game for Arduboy.

Here is it a short clip:

It’s a shoot 'em up with crappy sprites and unbalanced gameplay, but i hope you can enjoy it.

It’s missing some important feature like sounds, led flashes, highscore saving and more.

You will need Arduboy Lib 1.1 and Arduboy Extra to compile it, links in the

Let me know what do you think.


I like it man!
The sprites aren’t crap! i like them :smiley:
I only do hard to distinguish between stars in the BG and shots from the enemies.
Keep developing it further!

Thank you for playing.
According to feedbacks i will try to improve some areas of the game, maybe.

I have edited my first post and added a short clip from the game.


Thank you for making this game!
I like this game the best among arduboy 's games!
Especially my favorite is boss at the end of game.
I am waiting for a sequel or a new shooting game.

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