I cant change my arduboy game

I used the arduboy game loader by team arg it tells me arduino not found i used another usb cable still the same. I opened arduino i tried to upload a game it also says arduino not found i went to device manager i cant find any errors and i cant open port in arduino
Thanks in advance

In order to help you we might need to know which game you have on right now. Some games are removing the USB stack to gain more space for the game and for those games you need to put the Arduboy in flashlight mode or do the reset button way to get into bootloader mode and be able to upload a new games.

Some games like the Press Play on Tape games needs you to press and hold down on the titlescreen to go into bootloader mode.

I hope those links will help you.

I already tried flashlight mode it wont work the game i have right now is starduino

Please read on both links I just posted and let us know which game you have on the Arduboy right now so that we can help you more efficiently.

The very first one, or the new ones marked either Classic or Turbo? The new ones you should be able to hold UP while switching the Arduboy ON to enter the bootloader.

The old version you have to press the reset button just before uploading.

I think I replaced all the links to the old original version but I might have missed some.