I can't upload anything anymore

I’m a user and would love it if advice is kept simple.

My Arduboy (gold early bird, don’t know what matters) currently has Team A.R.G.'s great Virus game loaded. I can’t upload anything new.

While Arduboy was connected to my Mac and turned on, I tried holding down the Up button while turning on the Arduboy. The green LED flashed a few times and the Virus sketch loaded normally.

While Arduboy was connected to my Mac and turned on, I used the point of tweezers to hold in the Reset button while powering up and, while the screen was black, I pressed Command-U to upload. The Virus sketch loaded normally. I saw a mention in a thread that it can take a few seconds for a keypress to register after a reset, and tried it using a few different brief pauses, but it never worked; the green LED flashed a few times and theVirus sketch always loaded normally.

The info I can provide — please do request anything I leave out here — is

• About Arduino shows Arduino 1.6.7.

• In Preferences, Additional Boards Manager URLs:, I have https://arduboy.github.io/board-support/package_arduboy_index.json

• In Sketch, Include Library, no menu item is checked. Arduboy is listed under Contributed libraries, but nothing is checked (and nothing receives a checkmark if I try to select anything) under either Arduino libraries or the one Arduboy item under Contributed libraries. I have sequentially installed versions 0.1.0, 1.0.0, and 1.1.0 and none of them have changed anything I say here to the best of my knowledge. I left 0.1.0 installed most recently.

• Under Tools, Board: “Arduino Leonardo,” that is the selected board. Arduboy and Arduboy Devkit are at the bottom but not selected.

• Under Tools, Port: “dev/cu.usbmodem411 (Arduino Leonardo),” that is the selected port.

• Under Tools, Programmer: “AVRISP mkII,” that is the selected programmer.

• Whenever I open a sketch — say MicroTanks, which I’ve uploaded often, but this is true of every sketch — and press Command-U to upload it, the sketch compiles; Arduino briefly displays information about memory usage in white type; then, in red type, I receive the error message

“avrdude: no programmer has been specified on the command line or the config file.
Specify a programmer using the -c option and try again.”

• The Arduboy then restarts and loads the Virus sketch.

This is everything I can think of to mention; again, if there’s any further info available to me that I can provide, I’m happy to if you tell me how to find it.

Any path back to an updatable Arduboy is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

This is pretty strange, it seems like something having to do with how the IDE is configured.

When you upload, it should not require a programmer. The arduino leonardo platform uses the usb serial connection to upload new code using the sotftware bootloader on the microchip itself.

I believe some other users had some issue that was resolved by completely removing Arduino from their computer and reinstalling it. It’s a bit drastic but with the error you are seeing, that shouldn’t be anything specific to the Arduboy.

Do you have another computer to test the Arduboy on?

You may wish to try updating to the latest Arduino IDE, which is currently 1.6.9

These threads may be of some use:

Thanks, Kevin and Scott. I do have another computer to test on, and I’ll do that first — I’ll also make sure I’ve updated Arduino. Can’t do it now (killing a few moments waiting for a friend) but I’ll report back tonight or tomorrow. And I’ll check out those threads before I get started, Scott.

I appreciate the help!