I destroyed my Arduboy [RIP]

Today we morn the death of a brave soul, today my arduboy died, he died when being assessed his circuit for his screen ripped of and left him blind because the doc couldn’t fix his circuit he put in a better place. He was happy saw lots of action and a few games, he was a honourable soul.


:C RIP Arduboy 2014-2018

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Why would you do such a thing?

His cicut board had a line stripped out. By accident

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This also means I’m out of the Jam!!!

You can still use ProjectABE for testing/developing. There are no limits ;).


Hes not dead you’ve given up on him.

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the conductive strip that lead from 15 d0 on arduboy has been ripped off. is it resarectable?

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Wont open :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Post a picture. If it is a pcb trace, then you need to scrape nearby parts with a razor and solder a bridge. If is the screen ribbon, then you need to order a new screen ($6-15 USD)


Project ABE wont open

What kind of answer do you expect from @Botisaurus?

Imagine someone says to you: “My Arduboy does not work” instead of actually taking a minute to explain the issue, wont that be annoying?


Does this site load for you?
If not, did you try another browser?
If you can’t get it to work, there are a couple of other arduboy emulators.
Can’t give you support for any of them sorry.

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Not really. But yeah I see you r point.