I downloaded this game called skate ard die [Brick]

I think my arduboy is bricked now.

Have you tried this >

Actually, I answered some else’s query already regarding SkateArdDie.

Yes, it didn’t work at all sadly.

What are the symptoms?

  • Is it not turning on at all?
  • Is it turning on but the screen isn’t doing anything?
  • Is it turning on but the screen gets stuck?
  • Does the charging light come on when you plug it in?

It lets me play the game but nothing else, it also doesn’t even go into flashlight mode.

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When all else fails, what I usually do is using the uploader for cellphone. When clicking upload I quickly press the reset button on the Arduboy and it never failed me so far.

It’s easy with the mobile app mostly because it seems that the app still tries to upload as long as it’s not uploaded so you have more time to press your reset button.

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I’m guessing the author accidentally removed ‘flashlight’ mode then.
Your best bet is to try to upload the sketch using the reset button, but the timing is notouriously hard to get right.

What have you been using to upload so far?
Have you been using the Arduino IDE or a different tool (e.g. the one @Vampirics mentioned)?

Press upload on the Arduino IDE (have board and port selected right)
Just before the compiling process finishes, press the reset button (with, like, a paper clip). The programmer should find the Arduboy and reprogram it then.
Remember, the window for uploading was around 5 second. You can press the button 3 second before it actually compiles.
If that don’t work…
That should do.

I use arduboy manager, also I keep screwing up the timing.

Ah…Arduboy manager.
It takes a while for it to do so…
Do you have Arduino IDE on your device? Just…do you have it?
Uploading literally anything (blank sketch to another game) should fix the problem, even if the Arduino IDE was ancient. As long as it have the Leonardo bootloader and is able to compile, it should work.
But if you don’t …
Maybe some other guys can help with it.

I’ll download Arduino IDE.

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