I finally got one!

dudes i got it in the mail! now my pocketstations have a new friend! dude all the games ive seen so far are made by geniuses and you all inspire me to try out making a game like childhood me always wanted. ill post on here everything i do. i know im late to this game but i want all in brah!
lol thank you guys for giving me a bit of magic back into in my life. feels like when i got my first gameboy. i feel old now. anyways. . . hi everyone nice to meet you . im Rup . hope we can be friends and make stuff together. =) im soo amped up bro! omg dude!


The ‘friends’ are not being particularly friendly with the screens darkened.

With the FX and the greyscale libraries, the party has just started. There is plenty of life and scope in this platform yet!

The PocketStation games could be good candidates for porting to the Arduboy.

Have you written any books that I might have read? (of course, you have no idea what I read :slight_smile: )

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Better late than never, and it’s never too late to learn.

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Welcome! I don’t think it’s late at all, I think you’re right on time. We’re all early :slight_smile:

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Welcome and congrats on getting an Arduboy. It looks nice sitting besides the the pocket stations.

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my kid said to show off my new arduboy the right way. next to all the arduboy’s new best friends in a better pic. i think it likes its new family. (lol i love this thing alittle too much , i was on the toilet for like 30 minutes dude, just playing it. numb butt and all

) .


tmi but I’m here for ff7

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yeah i got to excited lol

ugh dude its embarrassing ive been writing my book for 3 years now --__-- lol i guess im one of those guys now.

thanks man got me encouraged

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noice . hope i contribute enough when i figure this out

lol i stole the white pocketstation when i was in elementary. dont tell anyone. thing was 80 bucks when it came out around here.but i was kid and couldnt do math so probably exaggerating the price.

Oh so first novel? What is it about??

in a horrible plane accident mid air only one man survives a event called the “super duper” a mysterious light zaps his plane phasing out of our reality. but something goes awry. . .and the MAN AND PLANE FUSE!!! CREATING A GODLIKE MANPLANE LIKE ENTITY!


but can it love?. .

By the way, you can reply to multiple people in the same post by either quoting the person you’re replying to (highlighting some of their text with your mouse and then clicking the ‘quote’ button) or @-mentioning them like @rup00.

I had to look up what どこでもいっしょ was because I didn’t have my obscure video game historian to hand.

If you think that’s the weirdest or most nonsensical thing I’ve ever seen, you’d be sorely mistaken.

nice. still figuring out the site.
no i was just playing still shy about sharing my work. my book is a scifi horror.“dead/god/said” humans caused gods death by accident with our growing tech .universe started to implode wounding god from a experiment destabilizing the universe . he saved the universe by putting his power in his last human decendant ( the daughter of the clone of jesus and the already in power rich antichrist who made the clone with the u.s. government ) before he faded away. but now gods dead and lucifer is free from being sealed ( thats just the intro ) . its like 400 pages dude --__-- i got burnt out by the 3rd year writing it. i got a short story anthology that connects to this trilogy worked out too. its alot . ill give it to you for free later dude. still illustrating. funny thing is. it started out as video game way back when then it became books when the workload got crazy trying to be a one man army on blender .

Some of my art


It’s fine to share your work on the site but please keep it related to Arduboy in some way. Thanks!

Love the pics.

I take it back, that’s almost on par with some of the weirdest stuff I’ve seen/read. Almost.

I like the lighting/shading effects. Very atmospheric and very ‘graphic novel’-esque.
Less keen on the subject matter, but it is undoubtedly well-modelled.

I’m also struggling to decide if it’s supposed to be serious or comical.
(Though to be fair I suppose that could be said for quite a few ‘horror’ films.)

On the one hand it’s very detailed and there’s some skulls and creepy lighting and other vague eldritch things, but on the other hand there’s a (possibly rubber) chicken on the floor and the baby is smoking a cigarette.
(Also the baby reminds me of Chauncey from Luigi’s Mansion, but I presume that’s unintentional.)

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