I have a Pro Micro and I2C OLED I need help

I pugged everything into the Pro Micro and used Mr. Blinky’s homebrew libraries but I get a blank oled every time I upload a game or anything. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS help me!!!

I uploaded test code and the leds are flashing red and red. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it did the same thing.

You might want to take photos.

and to which pins did you connect the OLED display ?

When using the homemade package. Don’t install libraries through the library manager or add them manually to your sketchbook libraries. They override the homemade package libraries.

What type of screen are you using, and which screen did you select from the options list?

Pins 2 and 3 do vids work? Youtube Vid here

What option list I could not find one.

I found the list of oleds and I tried all of them still nothing.

Wrong pins. As the Homemade package readme states :

When using an I2C display the SDA pin should be connected to pin 4 PORTD4 and the SCL pin to pin 6 PORTD7 unless you’re using a Pro Micro with the alternate wiring scherme. In that case SCL pin should be connected to pin 1/TXO PORTD3.

BTW That video is private.

The display option list from the tools menu.


The pictures are to blurry to be helpful. Do you have a link from where you bought the display?

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try it now the vid.

It is still not showing anything on the oled.

How to tell if I have Pro Micro with the alternate wiring?

The oled works with the uno and nano. But when I upload the code to the uno the oled only shows 1/8 of the screen and it flashes all over.

Did you change the I2C display wiring?

Only you can answer that. How did you wire everything. Check the Pin Wiring table

Then it’s probably an SH1106 I2C display and not an SSD1306 I2C display.

Select the SH1106-I2C display option.

Thank you for that tip

Ohhhhh ok thx for that

How do I change the display for the uno

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Anyway, your video seems to indicate that you have an invalid library in your Arduino folder.
It looks like you’ve been trying to put games in your libraries folder?
It’s probably not related to your main issue, but you shouldn’t keep games in your Arduino/libraries folder, you should create a separate folder for them.

That’s a problem with I2C displays without having a dedicated reset pin. If a display update is interrupted because of an Arduino reset or a sketch upload, the display may get confused and no longer works properly.

Because the missing reset pin on the display module, the only way to ‘reset’ the display is to turn the power off for a second or so and then back on (unplug and replug USB cable if powered by USB)


Power cycle the arduino after uploading a sketch.

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I did that and it still did the same thing. How do I change the display in the code to work with my i2c sh display #Mr.Blinky

For the Pro Micro you should wire the display as mentioned before. When uploading a sketch from Arduino IDE select SH1106-I2C as display.

Regarding your Uno issues, I recommend to check out more Arduino dedicated forums.

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