I have a problem with the port. I can not select it pls Help!

When I want to upload a game or something I coded on my IDE there is an error. It says it can not find the board or port and when I go to tools I can just select the board (Arduino leonardo) but I can not select any port… I need your help please!!! I have a project for my graduation and I need it very much!!! I am in Germany and I speak 5 languages (German,Portuguese,English,German and a little bit os Spanish) so we can speak in any of those.

What operating system are you on? If windows, you can open device manager and check under com/serial ports to make sure the arduboy is enumerating correctly (should pop up as an arduino leonardo or similar). Additionally check with another usb cord just to make sure that’s not the problem.

thank you for your reply! I managed to figure things out… I had this game called Arduventure on my arduboy and I had to go in the menu of it and select upload. thanks again for your reply it was very nice from you and I hope we will help others with the same problem


If the problem persists its because Arduventure Messes with the bootloader this can be fixed by enabling flashlight mode this is done by pressing up whilst powering on the arduboy if this does not work there are guides for bricked arduboys on this forum


No, it’s because Arduventure removes the USB code required to automatically enter the bootloader. Flashlight mode won’t help for this. You need to use the menu item, or press the Down button when powering on, or use the reset button.


MLX its been a while ;w; Teach me the button combos senpai

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