I just got my Arduboy FX. Path to update?

I love it. Super happy with my purchase and could never plug it into a computer. (MacBook Air M1)

But - I want to update it. I’ve followed the quick start instructions and have the Arduino IDE all good. What I think I want to do is:

Download the ‘whole enchilada’ .bin from this post/external site:


Ok, now I have an 11MB flashcard-image.bin

I installed python

The instructions say I need to use easy_install pyserial and easy_install pillow (because OSX), but those seem to be deprecated and I think I only need to run ‘python -m pip install pyserial’ and ‘python -m pip install pillow’ from the terminal. Ok, done.

Then the instructions tell me to download MrBlink python scripts. Ok, done.

I have the scripts and the .bin in the same folder. So now I’m supposed to plug in the Arduboy FX and run:
python flashcart-writer.py flashcart-image.bin

The result should be an up-to-date Arduboy FX, right? I’ve searched, read posts, watched YouTube vids etc, but I haven’t seen a plain/simple post detailing these steps for the FX. Just checking, and maybe it helps someone else in the future. Thanks.

I think what you have there will work, but there’s a GUI interface (disclaimer: I wrote it) that you could use instead: Arduboy Toolset

You would just load up the application, go to the Flashcart tab, select the bin file you downloaded that’s the “whole enchilada”, then click upload. You can then later use this tool to update individual games on the flashcart, which will preserve the “fx” saves for games that use them (very few do). If you’re worried about preserving what used to be on your arduboy, you could download the flashcart first using the same tool, same Flashcart tab.

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WOW! Thank you!! I had to hold control then right-click, open on the file inside of the .dmg (I’m on MacOS Sonoma, it gets block otherwise and I’ve had to do this with numerous other programs). Then did as you described. It’s flashed and up to date, looking good!

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glad it worked! and yeah, it’s always a bit of a hassle trying to get “custom” tools to run, even on windows :frowning:

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