I love the Arduboy FX!

I just got my FX a few days ago, and I started using it today. The first thing I noticed was the screen was MUCH larger than my clone’s screen (0.96’'). The button are really nice too, not really what I was expecting, but better tbh. The only thing I’m a little off about it is that there are two really big scratches on the screen, but this little thing got shipped halfway around the world, (I purchased it from Pimoroni), so I’m willing to accept it.

I do have one question though. It seems I cannot press UP + DOWN in my own game to exit to the bootloader menu, is there something I have to code for it to work?

When you compile your own game, you need to select the following options:

Board: Arduboy (FX)
Core: Arduboy Optimnixed Core
Bootloader: Cathy 3K (Starts with Menu)

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Oh, was I supposed to use the homemade package? Thank you.