I made an Arduboy Pocket (case)

While the Arduboy fits nicely in my wallet (a Dynomighty Mighty Wallet), I wanted to experiment with a more standalone case for it. So I finally put my sewing machine to use and made a literal pocket for my Arduboy and wanted to share.

If you have an old swatch of leather, you can make one too.

  1. Cut two 75mm x 100mm rectangles,
  2. Mark an 88mm x 60mm rectangle within, justified to one short side.
  3. Run a couple stitches along this line. Don’t start at one end; start anywhere else and double it up back to where you started. It’s stronger and easier to hide the knot.
  4. Trim outer excess 2mm away from stitching.

My leather was 2mm thick. but if you use thinner leather or vinyl, consider marking an 87x59mm stitch line. It may take a while for the leather to learn the new shape too, so don’t worry if its a little tight at first. just don’t force anything. You don’t need special leather tools if you don’t have them (I don’t), just go slow.


My pocket for Arduboy:

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Nice and clean with neat stitching. Someone once joked about making an “Arduboy compatible” wallet and have a compartment like this built into it

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I could see a thread or list of existing “Arduboy compatible” wallets being maintained somewhere.

I’m not sure what brand/model of wallet @PineappleComputer has, but here’s the Arduboy tucked into a typical Dynomighty Mighty Wallet:

Them polyethylene chains I tell ya

This is still the ultimate case for the Arduboy in my opinion. A random folding business card holder from Staples that has a pocket on both sides.