I must have a screw loose [Solved]

(Kevin) #21

Is everyone cool here? We sent out all the screws… haven’t heard any reports recently. I’m gonna mark solved and if no new reports just close it out!

(Tom Stewart) #22

Speaking for myself, I got the screws! Thanks again, @bateske!

(Thorsten Schmid) #23

Unfortunately I didn’t get my screws… ;-(
Once I get an eMail with the information that I wasn’t found in the database, which I replied with the data of my crowdfunding, but since then I heard nothing…

(Celine) #24

Hi @TKSFFM I just saw your email, we’ll try to get you sorted out in the coming week. Sorry for the wait!

(Thorsten Schmid) #25

Still no screws and no answers to my emails… ;-(