I need some help on the basics

Okay, so I am hoping to get an Arduboy but the only thing holding me back is that I have no idea where to begin programming games. Could anyone help me out?

Hi Jake : )

Well the first thing I can recommend is, install the Arduino IDE. This link has a great guide on getting the IDE installed.

Then install the Arduboy library from Github.


Take a look through the README.md file and see if you can get that installed. The steps should all be fairly straight forward.

Finally, open the HelloWorld example in the examples/ folder.

The process is also fairly well described in this article,

Ask any questions here, please : ) It will help the project develop better documentation, and we can help get you to a completed project.

Thank you so much for the help! I’m hoping to preorder an Arduboy, will I get it soon if I do? (Like in the next month?)

It’s hard to say. The Kickstarter project’s orders are being fulfilled as we speak. Those units are pretty much the highest priority. Next in priority will be any pre-orders taken.

So, to answer your question, a month seems reasonable, but I would wager not within a month. I couldn’t put an upper limit on the time either : ). The Arduboy is not a bad way to learn C/C++, it might be worth picking up as a pre-order, waiting a little bit for it to be produced, and hanging around the community. There is some value to getting involved and looking through other people’s source. :100:

Who knows how many extra units will be made along with the pre-orders? It may difficult to get a production unit right after pre-orders (I’m thinking about how fast the dev-units went).

Also! I should mention of course, you can build a unit that runs the library. Check this out and see if that doesn’t seem like something you might be into.

Some more fun with homebrew,

Okay, thank you for letting me know! I’ll think about pre-ordering one and I’ll let you know if I do. But here’s the ultimate question… Red, Yellow, or White Arduboy😉 ? Lol!

Haha, poor yellow doesn’t get much love!

Oh, that’s too bad. I think it looks cool!

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Q: Is it possible to capture video information from the screen without a camera?

A: Yes.

If you have a question, that means at least one other person out there has the same question. Probably a lot more than one. Above is one possible question that I think a lot of people ask, or want to ask.

There are some ways to get video from the unit. Use the magnify glass button ‘’ to search the forums for ‘chrome’, there is a thread that @davidperrenoud posted which sort of talks about a way to capture image information and stream. There is getting to be more and more useful information in the community section, so try searching for a few things you are interested in.

Not that I’m aware of. I know you can use the serial port to dump the buffer, but what format? Do you dump it raw and process it locally or build a complex BMP/PNG dump into the actually Arduboy? I’ve seen sketches that dump the buffer over serial as C code… but I don’t think that’s what you were asking.

It was in response to a question that was asked but deleted. I changed the wording a bit instead of a quote.

And I’m talking about dumping the image buffer. Or simply executing the source in a way that is recordable. I had a small video of it in action, but I guess when we changed to a content host off the server something happened, and the video is unplayable, but here’s an image from it.

I have now finally updated the code to enable screen capture from an Arduboy.

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I will take a look and tweet this when I get a chance