I present THE arduboy advance

160 x 120 effective resolution on a 320 x 240 screen. 4 face buttons . 1 analog with 3 levels of sensitivity. start button yet to be implimented.

going to make the oldest books (elder scrolls knock off) the flag ship game. and and it matters not if you tm the name. singapore doesnt care and has a factory they arent using for much

seriously though i dont expect much talk here or anywhere really this is just me trying to make something i would play. either you bought a playdate and are playing soemthing worse looking than i am or you bought a switch and are playing a unity game you made. there really isnt any inbetween now days. for reference i paid amazon pricing wise the same amount as a arduboyFX. thats amazon pricing before 2 recent price increases on screens. $20 for a ili9341 320 x 240 is stupid its a $10 screen at most

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Woah, what does the console look like? It’s really dark and not visible.

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Isn’t that the dungeon crawler/city builder game? I have it on my Switch Lol.

havent made the case yet. still deciding on if i need the psp battery or if a smasung track phone battery i got will have enough current. the later has about 2 times the max output. but its just going to be 2 pieces of acrylic cut and sanded on the edges and heated over my toaster to make two 90 degree bends. i have done this before. its not hard and i have a toaster and the plastic. when thats done the top will hold the bottom on the bent edge but the bottom presses against the top with the bent edge and with 1 screw through the middle in a threaded hole it will be stable and neither can rotate. makes 2 u shaped pieces that are flat on the sides but slight curve on the bend

i might have to cut 2 pieces for 1 of the 2 sides. not a big deal. i did this last time i resorted to bending plastic. it was off by a small margin but pretty close. i measure like 4 times before scoring the piece

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It’s not much of a presentation, we can only see the screen! What makes this arduboy special? Is it just the enlarged display? We’d love to see the guts of how you’ve connected everything so far!

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Is that there is nothing in common with an Arduboy!

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yea sorry about the late reply been screwing with stuff to optimize the raycaster. its a sparkfun thing plus hooked up to a ili9341 hardware spi. the people at sparkfun not only have the usb port file to download but a suggestion for pins that are not part of standard spi . use all that and skip trying to use i2c pins for the screen. the power goes to 3.3v out and a 2k resistor goes to the power in for the screen to the back light. its throttling so the light isnt to bright and no pwm signal. its practically perfect

then hook up a 328p and connect a analog to 2 analog pins. i hooked up 2 diodes on the back end of each potentiometer of the analog to prevent back flow or current fluctuations. sounds stupid and not needed but i have found odd current problems. hook 4 buttons up to the 328p to supply power to the 328p digital read pins. pick any 4. connect 4 diodes and connect them to a single 10k resistor point it at ground. connect from the 3.3v out of the esp32 a 1k resistor and tie all the buttons to it on the other side (obviously not the same one touching a 328p pin)

give the 328p a 16mhz crystal oscillator and two 20 -22pf caps. the 328p does controller logic. connect the i2c of the 328p to the i2c of the esp32. use esp32 slave library and its easy no request and the 328p just scrolls through reading inputs. i set it to spit out 3 ints. analog intensity and direction (zero is counted for nothing on both) and button 1-4 with zero being nothing. i can set it for combinations but right now im doing more work optimizing the raycaster

its not hard to do. dev kit C is cheaper and you get dram but i didnt care and wanted more flash. game boy advance specs make this look like a next gen console. 1bit screen running 160 x 120 its pretty nice. it can do more but raycasters like fewer lines of resolution and im trying to not run it at 240 mhz which is what arduino tries to set it at out of the box. also the sparkfun thing plus esp32 edition has 1 set of spi pins. hardware spi for ttgo equiv looked like it was tied into a socket i dont have for a screen i dont have and were not present on the board. only 2 16mb ep32s on amazon

mostly optimizing things now. draw pixel is terrible for drawing to buffer . using a trimmed version of what hartman did with drawFastVLine works a million times better. seems like the game and the buffer were fighting over commands being carried out since clock speed wise it didnt make any sense. sooth as silk now with original pic textures (64 x64 for all) instanced doors and what not will be shown later when its more done. doing sprite work here and there. by halloween it should be done