I wanna learn to produce Arduboy games

I always got intersted on programming, and now I see Arduboy as an opportunity to start learning. What I want to know is how to develop games for Arduboy (which programming language, where to learn to use that language, etc). Pls help me with this

Here’s where I started.


Or here


Sind you ever program in any language?

Do you know what an if statement or do-while is?

It’s important to know where you start from.

No, I’m starting from the begging. I wish you could give me some sites to learn from the beginning. Or show me the way you started

@BrunoAlCunha I’m going to write up a small tutorial for how to get started with arduboy and arduino for first time users. Stay tuned! :smile:


Here in this forum or in other place like the arduboy site?

It will be hosted here on the community site but I’ll link to it from the main page. Many things are under construction now but it will all become clear over the next coming months!


Thats good to hear. Im very interested in getting an Arduboy and trying to make my own game for it.

The only programming I have done before was simple HTML and Javascript.