I want to make a homeade arduboy!

I want to make a D.I.Y Arduboy. What do I need?
I would like it to have
green and black screen
Wired controller

thanks :smiley:

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You need a Arduino Leonardo … Here is an Oz seller.


You could try this controller …

I used the above to create this:

I just gutted the controller and re-wired it.


Is there a green and black screen that works with arduboy?

Green is pretty rare, if available at all. I’d consider getting a white one and putting a green filter over it.

What about this Run Arduventure kickstarter version on homemades with SSD1309 displays

It depends if you want to be fully Arduboy compatible. Displays with an SSD1309 controller require modified software. You wouldn’t be able to load .hex files compiled for an Arduboy.

What dose this mean then?

That’s modifying the software.

So I think I will go with putting green filter over it. What screen should I use?

Replacing this specific sequence only works for the Arduventure hex file. I’ll be working on an uploader (python script) that patches on the fly but it’s not available yet.

You need a display with SSD1306 display controller and not SH1106 which often are sold as SSD1306 complatible which won’t work with original Arduboy hex files. You can get one from Adafruit for about $20

Note that the displays are not very bright (they don’t use an external voltage booster). A filter will reduce brightness.

What kind of wired controller do you have in mind?

I would like a nes controller (see up).

For $8 bucks delivered in Australia, its the cheapest way !

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and spend another few $ so you can hook it to a Pro Micro :slight which can translate the NES controller to pin inputs.

and… that just gave me an idea to use the select and start buttons for the bootloader and reset button combos :smiley:

I wrote a python script uploader that patches a hex file for SSD1309 displays on the fly now. Just need to add .arduboy support.


Do you mean without re-wiring the NES controller? How does that work??

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The Pro Micro would read out the NES controller using it’s simple serial protocol and sets button output pins accordingly then those pins can be connected to the Arduino used as Arduboy.

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Were can I get a pro micro.

aliexpress, ebay or buy original from SparkFun

You could use any Arduino though. I suggested Pro Micro (5V) cause it’s the smallest form factor and they’re pretty cheap. You could also make it function as a USB game pad.

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Sounds interesting and beyond my knowledge. Do you have any more detail on how this might be done?

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The controllers use a parallel to serial shifter. There’s a strobe that latches the button states and a clock that shifts the button states out one of a time. You’d copy the button state to a digital output pin on the Arduino. There’s not much to it. I’ll cook something up after I’m done with my uploader

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