I want to make a homeade arduboy!

I would love to see that. I actually gutted mine and just used the buttons individually back to the Leonardo. I would love to do it properly.

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There are few tutorial on hackaday.io about building diy arduboy. I am also in progress writing my own instructions to build my version of arduboy, I also put my pcb files if you want to get it more easy making the diy arduboy


WTH how did you attatch it to the giant screen?
I know it is a VGA board, but I am curious how did you get there…
@MLXXXp Erm…The green ones are in fact quite common if you are limiting the deprived to only SSD 1306. The ones I saw, however, are the 2.4 inch ones.
@pharap l remembered that the SSD 1309 was compatible with SSD 1306, according to some noob sellers.
Calling them noob is because they send me SH 1106s and claim they are SSD 1306s.

@uXe developed the board and sent me a sample. Its great!


Check this out

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A breadboard setup like the one depicted on
will easily get you started.

You can then start modifying it to your needs.


I found this stuff.
Pro micro:
https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12640 ?
Bread Board:
https://www.adafruit.com/product/239 ?
What Nes controller should I use?
And what screen should I get?
What battery can I use?

I can answer the NES controller question with a question.

Are you planning on gutting the controller and re-wiring as I did, or are you going to buy a second Pro Micro and interface to the NES controller as per @Mr.Blinky’s idea (I want to make a homeade arduboy!)

In either case, you need to get an old NES controller like the one I posted and not a new USB interface one.


Yea I was going to do that. :smiley:

Right … so am I. Hopefully its easy. I have ordered another NES controller as per the one above and a socket from Europe to plug it in to.

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What socket did you buy from Europe?

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Otherwise you have to cut the cable off anyway and you might was well just gut the controller and wire it yourself.


Ok what socket should I get? :smiley:

NES Female Socket.


If you don’t mind the wait

NES connector

NES controller

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It should also to be possible to use a nes classic mini controller or any other wired wiimote peripheral over i2c.

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Oh heck this is awesome
My game boy (or rather, my game board) is running out of space to put buttons.
Might want to develop a board for a controller and hooking up to a Television at some point…

hi random king probably gonna help you to with this