I want to make new arduboy but I am having trouble finding the screen I want

Hey everyone, after a long time, me again. But this time my problem is simple.
I broke my DIY arduboy and I want to make a new and better (especially smaller) one. I could find every piece here except the screen. There is only one ssd1306 spi screen here (You read that right, only one place sells it in whole country) and it is a 0.96 inch blue one (It is the one I used on my old arduboy)

I want to use a 1.3 inch white screen just like in production arduboy. But I can’t seem to find any. Every white 1.3 inch screen I found uses either SH1106 or it is a I2C interface.

Can anyone share me some links for 1.3 inch SSD1306 White display?
Preferably on aliexpress because I live in Turkey and my dumb government doesn’t let imports from not well known sites. Amazon should be fine too if it ships here.


The only source of a 1.3" SSD1306 I’ve ever found is the bare display from Buydisplay/EastRising

I bought some through eBay

You should put your location in your profile on this forum.