I want to upgrade SH1106 Arduboy to Arduboy FX

The other day, thanks to all of you, I was able to complete Homemade-Arduboy.
So, I was playing around, and I wanted a flash cart. Are parts still available?
Also, please tell me how to make it.

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This thread can be of use:

I recommend the ‘lite’ schematic.

You need either a Windbond W25Q64, W25Q128, W25Q256. I recommend the W25Q128.

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Good evening, @Ard_Flamingo.
Where is the light schematic?
Is W25Q128JV OK?
Do you need anything else?
Is it listed on the light schematic?


I think so, but I’m not the right person to ask about that.

If you follow the lite schematic, you’ll just need the flash chip, a 100nf ceramic capacitor, and a 10K resistor.

If you have a screen with 6 pins and get chip as module, this is how I connected mine.

Resistor is 1k ohm
Also you should connect GND pin on chip to any GND pin on arduino

If your screen has 7 pins don’t bother with this, Other version is easier to do

Yes it is

If you want to add this to your Pro Micro with alternate wiring and an SH1106 display then you only need the flash chip and a 10K pullup resistor on flash chip select pin (RX).

@Ard_Flamingo Thank you for the wiring diagram of the light version.
All you need is a resistor and a capacitor.
Really helpful. I really want to get w25Q128JV and start working on it.

Thanks for the actual wiring diagram. Really helpful.
My display is 7pin, so should I follow @Ard_Flamingo’s wiring diagram ?

Thank you again.
Also, thank you for your pointy advice.
Really helpful.
I was checking other people’s help examples, but it seems that the subsequent setup is more difficult than the hardware?
I’m worried about the future, but I’ll do my best.

Yes, you should follow that for 7 pin display. Mine was for 6 pin

Edit: To be clear, I am talking about this one:

No You shouldn’t

@s_otsu has a Homemade Arduboy using alternate wiring with a (7 pin) SH1106 display and now wants to add a flash cart.

For this setup you do not need to add the two diodes with resistor to inhibit the display clock.

all @s_otsu has to do is wire the flash chip according to the lite schematic above (and burn the cathy3k bootloader of course)

I thought @s_otsu meant lite diagram when he said “@Ard_Flamingo’s wiring diagram.” that’s why I said it is the easier version.
My apologies if I misdirected someone

I was confused because of the image you dropped before of your homemade arduboy and thought you were referencing that. I now see that it was a reference to @Ard_Flamingo post with the lite schematic.

Lite version schematic, this is the way :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I’ve reviewed the conversation back and forth.
But I don’t understand.

Star Wars reference?

In conclusion: you should follow the lite schematic.


It’s alright. I am not a native speaker so I thought I made a grammatical mistake that caused misconceptions.
I posted that image because I didn’t know how many pins of display he used.

This is the way |T|

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Yep :grin:

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I understand.
Anyway, please follow the wiring of the light version and complete it.

How ironic. I just finished season 3!

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