I want to upgrade SH1106 Arduboy to Arduboy FX

Not sure what you mean by exclusive access but I’m pretty sure the latest one on Disney+ is the 6th - I’m pretty sure it released today but I’ve not watched it yet, only up to episode 5. (actually, before typing this, I forgot the 6th released today)

I interpreted that as watched all episodes. Since there are 8 episodes in total and episode 6 was just released today. You’d need to have exculsive access to episodes 7 and 8.
I now understand that you ment you’ve finished watching 5 episodes.

Oh, right. Yeah, I meant that I finished (watched) all the episodes that released.

Hello @Mr.Blinky.
I finally got the flash memory W25Q128JV, but the package shape was a special WSOP, but somehow I managed to convert it to a DIP shape.
I’m going to start assembling it now, but I was worried about the following advice from the last time.
That’s why I like the advice below.

That’s the (and burn the cathy3k bootloader of course) part.
This seems to be the biggest challenge for me this time, is there anything I need to prepare in advance?

This guide can help:


Make sure that when you burn the bootloader, you have the “Bootloader” setting in Tools to either “Cathy3K (starts with menu)” or “Cathy3K (starts with game).” I prefer and recommend the former.

ブートローダーを書き込むときは、ツールの「ブートローダー」設定が「Cathy3K (メニューで開始)」または「Cathy3K (ゲームで開始)」になっていることを確認してください。私は前者を好み、推奨します。

Thank you for the immediate reply.
Is it possible to write a bootloader with just the Arduino-IDE without any special requirements?
However, after investigating various things, what is the cathy3k .hex file in "Arduboy/cathy at master · MrBlinky/Arduboy · GitHub’’ and how to use it ?
Since the flash cart is Lite Version, are there any restrictions on the functions?

Yes, you don’t need anything else on the software side.


That is not important. Everything Cathy3K related comes with @Mr.Blinky 's Homemade Package already.

それは重要ではありません。 Cathy3K に関連するものはすべて @Mr.Blinky の Homemade Package に既に付属しています。

No, it is just an improved version of previous designs.



  • Arduino IDE
  • Arduboy/手製のArduboy
  • ISPプログラマー
    • 或いは別個なArduinoボード + ISPプログラマーのソフトウェア




Note this version is is an older discontinued version. The most recent version can be found in the cathy3k reposity

この バージョンは新しい。



なんか… 少し似ている… 「起動者」,「起動側 」,「起動ディスク」… そういうこと。

これが起動画面/ゲーム メニューも。


すみません、I’m probably not explaining this very well.
(Maybe I ought to just rely on Google translate like everyone else… 日本語が上手じゃないだね…エヘヘ…)

@Mr.Blinky, that is the correct version, right?

Thank you. I am very grateful to you.
Hmm i don’t understand.
Now, using Arduino-IDE on my NotePC, I connect Handmade-Arduboy via USB and upload the game.
Similar to this, should I upload the bootloader?
Or do you need a separate ISP programmer?
Also, the latest @Mr.Blinky/cathy3k: Is the Bootloader reflected in @Mr.Blinky’s Homemade Package now?

Use the burn bootloader option to upload the bootloader.

Yes. you need a seperate ISP programmer.

If you don’t have a ISP programmer but have an Arduino Uno or another Pro Micro then you can use that Arduino as ISP programmer.

Example of using Arduino Uno to program Pro Micro bootloader

Yes. The Homemade Package has the latest cathy3K bootloader that is required.

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Thank you very much. I am grateful.
After all, ISP programmer is necessary.
[NotePC] → [Handmade-Arduboy] = NG
[NotePC] → [ISP programmer] → [Handmade-Arduboy] = OK
Is it like this?

Wouldn’t my NotePC be an ISP programmer?


I don’t know what your Note PC is capable of.

If your notePC has 4 GPIO pins to connect to hardware and you have ISP software for your notePC then it could be done.

Other possible hardware that can be used as ISP programmer:

  • attiny85 (as used with the modchip)
  • Raspberri Pi
  • old USB keyboard

I’m sorry, I’m a beginner.
As I wrote last time, I am uploading the game to Handmade-Arduboy with Arduino-IDE on NotePC.
Can’t this same image upload the bootloader instead of the game over the USB connection?
Or should games and bootloaders be considered separate things?

Yes. they are seperate things.

  • The bootloader is a program that makes it possible to upload a game over USB.
  • To upload (update) the bootloader an ISP programmer is required (bootloader can not be uploaded over USB)


I have a Raspberri Pi, but the old USB keyboard seems very difficult.
I want to do it in the surest way possible.

It’s something else.
I finally understand.
Then somehow I have no choice but to get ISP programmer.
There is also a ProMini, but what about this one?

The original ProMini has no USB connectivity. It requires a USB to Serial (FTDI) cable

surely! , there is no USB port!
After all, it is best to get an Arduino Uno.

@Mr.Blinky@Ard_Flamingo@Pharap other
By the way, as for how to proceed in the future, if you don’t write the boot loader first, the story of the flash cart will come next.